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Oct 2, 2011 4:30pm PDT
, it would be irresponsible for us to be calling a death knell in napa vel. >> this isn't a compliment change debate but one about claim change study. they published their own study where night temperatures have increased by one degree and day time numbers remain the same. stanford study slnt them convinced yet. >> it's too much of a broad brush, not specific enough for napa valley. >> they recommend lower quality grapes. growers aren't so sure that is necessary. >> i don't think it will end premium wine production but we need to adapt how we're growing them. >> we're looking at pre-decade warning. >>> a bay area man used craigslist to buy airline tickets and wound up flying what he says was big trap and changed his son's future. >> dominic was thrilled to be accepted to st. john's university in new york but he never been there. so hisher pla father planned a y visited and searched for airfares he could afford. this ad caught his eye, airline tickets for low prices. he e-mailed the seller and right away he heard back. seller said he used his frequent flyer miles and purchased two tickets for
Oct 9, 2011 4:30pm PDT
in 2009 for improper denial and delay of benefits. senior health insurance of pennsylvania tells us that separating ties of canseco it operates as a trust under new management. we operate without a pro profit motive and the mission is to use assets only to support policy holder obligation. the couple made about $70,000 in premiums over the past decade and used only about $7,000 in benefits before jack died in a nursing home in march. >> thanks to you i got the money back. >> if you are considering buying long term care insurance for you or yourself you need to do a lot of research. one good site is the state insurance department. i posted links at >>> the city of concord is using the internet to drum up business in this hard hit economy and shopping close to home. laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: city of concord has kooblgd up a new way to bring local customers in the door. it's a website called try it local. to give deep discounts that buy prepaid vousmers online from everything from a meal to merchandise at area retail stores. >> these are offered for a cert
Oct 16, 2011 4:30pm PDT
itfit. it uses monument service to help its clients. she says the population in need has expand had over the years. >> it's changed dramatically because of the economy and the recession crisis. >> the crisis center wouldn't be what it is today without the dedication of staff and countless volunteers that have worked here through the years. >> i just wanted to help people to get fed and clothed, whatever the need is, i wanted t wanted p provide it here. >> who else is going to do it? if the people who have cannot help the people who have not, we are very sad and unfortunate world, i think. >> she was one of the monument very first volunteers in 2003 when she translated for spanish speaking clients. >> i this center. i love helping here. the things you learn, the people you so m so many great things. >> the center has grown so much over the years they are looking for ager facility what they hope for in years to come, exclusive exclusive director says she number of people and volunteers exceeds the number of people that need help. >> many people have reservations and donating and not knowin
Oct 30, 2011 4:30pm PDT
. i'm michael finney and what it means to you. >> and wayne freedman introduces to us a local photograph they're has turned back the clock to a focus new light on today's world. >> about 75% of california high school seniors graduated in 2010. the information is available for the first time thanks to the state's new tracking system. >> for the first time, they are going through the entire at 18.2%. but on the way another 94,000 teens were on the street without a diploma. the skateboarders are still in school but understand why the number is so high. they find school boring. >> i had a teacher that had a boring voice. but i mean looking back on it now are we ready, a lot of my scores were horrible. >> the key to lowering the dropout rate is to raise attendance. study after study shows it helps. even targeting them as young as kindergarten. >> 17% of those students that should be in kindergarten are chronically absent. they are missing 20 days of school a year and they are getting behind at the beginning of their educational career. >> but after years of budget cuts, schools fin
Oct 23, 2011 4:30pm PDT
that use social, two from their cells. nannette miranda reports. >> we were excited that facebook was doing the pages. >> number of california inmates are actively updating their facebook pages using smart phones. they are talking about time in the yard but the activities aren't always mundane. they say they are plotting crimes with each other in code on social media. one child molester contacted a person who is 17. >> we found he was asking her facebook site with photos. he was pretty much monitoring her life and able to know what she looked like ten years ar >> they are working with a california corrections department and other law enforcement to disable the accounts of inmates who are actively posting while incarcerated. even if it's updated by a outsi. the group says it's not fair because the inmates stay connected with families and tell media about conditions inside. >> media is one way that prisoner family members communicate with each other. they can expose what is going on inside the prison. >> prison is not a hotel. >> victims rights groups say prisoners are able to write letters a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5